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Help Me Find Some Aircraft Registrations!

Sun Sep 18, 2005 3:15 am

Hey Everybody,

I am currently completing a list of all the aircraft which I have travelled on in my seventeen years of my life. I am however having a few problems with these particular flights.
Please if anybody knows the aircraft registrations and the flight numbers of these flights I will be very grateful for this, and I will add you to my respected users list. So here they are!

JKK ? TFS-SOU A320 15/08/2003
JKK ? SOU-SDQ-TFS A320 08/08/2003

Neither of these flights were the aircraft in the star alliance colours, that's for definite and the outbound flight to TFS was three hours late, and made the scheduled fuel stop in SDQ, instead of NTE.

UX 1011 MAD-LGW B734 15/08/2002
UX ? LPA-MAD B738 15/08/2002

The flight between LPA & MAD was the flight which was around 7am.

JK 102 MAD-LPA MD? 08/08/2002
UX 1012 LGW-MAD B734 08/08/2002

The flight between MAD & LPA was the last flight to LPA, and it originated in CPH.

XLA ? TFS-LGW B738 17/08/2001
XLA ? LGW-TFS B738 10/08/2001

If you know the answer to the following flights on XLA, please can you give me the registrations and the flight numbers of both flights to TFS on those days which operated within 20 minutes of each other. Then I can make a judgement of which flight I was on.

JK 3338 TFS-EXT MD? 13/08/1999
JK 3337 EXT-TFS MD? 06/08/1999

Sorry if the message has been too long for you, but I hope you can give the answers to these questions. I will be very pleased if anybody can answer my questions, and don't forget once again that members will be added to respected users if they can.

With Regards,

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