Boeing 777-300

Wed May 10, 2000 2:57 pm

Hi , i like to ask , why airlines in Europe and America dont consider the B777-300 to replace the older Boeing 741s and 742s ? and for the new Boeing 777-300ER , who are the interested airlines ? Thankz

RE: Boeing 777-300

Wed May 10, 2000 3:32 pm

British Airways has replaced its 741's with 772ER and looks set to replace the remaining 742 with more 772ER.

AirFrance---likely 777-300ER order coming soon to replace 742's.

Alitalia---replacing 742 with 744.

There are very few 747 operators in North America. Air Canada will replace theirs with 340NG and United has replaced theirs with both 772 and 744.

I think the 773 will become more popular in the years to come as operators of current 747 Classics seek to replace their fleets.

RE: Boeing 777-300

Wed May 10, 2000 4:52 pm

The 777-300 in Asia has not been received pretty well.There are only 8 773's, 5 being Singapore and the remainder being CX.Airlines in Asia scrap their planes more frequently than their American counterparts,so they have a smaller fleet.Also, I feel that the airlines in Japan are in need of a large, high capacity plane like the 777-300 which is a vast improvement over the 747 SR's and 747 Classics they fly now.Although it has more range,the 773 is effectivein these routes:
....and many more.

The Asian airlines too do not fly that much passengers than the American carriers,that is why they do not need a plane as large as the 773 for regional hops until in a few years when the Asian economy starts booming again.

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RE: Boeing 777-300

Wed May 10, 2000 6:29 pm

Actually, Cathay has 7 777-300's (Reg. B-HNE to -HNK). Thai has at least 4, and Korean has several as well. And don't forget the 773's of ANA and JAL that are already flying in their domestic network.
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RE: Boeing 777-300

Wed May 10, 2000 6:44 pm

Thai has 4 777-300s, and also a few on order to replace their 4 MD-11s. They are still unsure if the would like to replace the 747-300s by 747-400s or 777-300s