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Compensation Due To Aircraft Crashes

Fri Sep 23, 2005 2:40 am

Compensation due to Airplane Crashes

Below is an article from the “Evenimentul Zilei” newspaper.

The Italic text is the original romanian article. I have tried to translate it to the best of my ability. Thanks:


O familie din Cristesti, judetul Mures, a carei gospodarie a fost distrusa in august 2004, in urma accidentului aviatic in care doua MiG-uri s-au ciocnit in zbor, nu a fost despagubita total de Ministerul Apararii Nationale.

A family in the town Cristeni, Mures county, whose property was destroyed in August 2004, due to a mid air collision between two MIGs, has not been totally reimbursed by the Ministry of National Defense.

Promisiuni au fost
In urma cu mai bine de un an, in data de 26 august 2004, doua aparate de tip MiG 21 Lancer apartinand bazei aeriene de la Campia Turzii, care executau un exercitiu deasupra judetului Mures, s-au ciocnit in zbor in urma unor erori de pilotaj. Pilotii au reusit sa se catapulteze, iar aparatele s-au prabusit peste casele unor familii din Cristesti si Santioana. Un avion a cazut in localitatea Cristesti, langa Biserica Reformata, iar un localnic a fost atins de suflul exploziei, suferind o tripla fractura, la un picior, la o mana si la nas. Tot in Cristesti, o masina aflata intr-un garaj fost distrusa, iar trei case din apropiere au suferit avarii serioase. Celalalt aparat s-a prabusit la Santioana, in curtea unei case.
Oficialii veniti in acel moment la locul tragediei le-au promis satenilor ca vor fi despagubiti si ca li se vor repara casele. Oamenii sustin acum ca au fost despagubiti doar partial si ca Ministerul Apararii Nationale nu si-a onorat in totalitate promisiunile.

There were Promises
Over a year ago, on August 26 2004, two MIG 21 Lancers, from Cimpia Turzii Air force Base, which were taking part in a combat exercise, over Mures County, collided mid-air following crew error. The pilots ejected safely, but the aircrafts crashed into family homes in Cristesti and Santioana. The plane which crashed in Cristesti fell beside a church and a local man suffered a triple fracture to the leg, arm and nose. A car was also destroyed and three homes were seriously damaged. The other aircraft crashed in Santioana, in a garden, behind a house.
Officials investigating at the scene of the crash, promised the people that they will be re-imbursed and that their homes will be repaired. The people claim that they were only partially re-imbursed and that the Ministry of National Defense did not honor their promisses.
The article goes on, offering a few details as to what has, or has not been done. (repairs to the house, etc.)


Now this being Romania, I’m not really shocked that this is happening, but have any of you heard any smilar stories regarding compensation (or for that matter, lack of compensation) when it came to airplane crashes? Be both military or civilian crashes, with deaths or just property damage? What sort of timeline are "they" legally suppossed to abide by?

Please feel free to share.
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