Thu May 11, 2000 12:33 pm

Is the TU-154 still in production? If no, what is its replacement? Also, what is Russia's jet that is used primarily for short- to medium-haul flights that are normally covered by 737's or 717's?
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RE: TU-154

Thu May 11, 2000 12:37 pm

the 154 was/is replaced with the Tu-204, the Short Haul airplane for Russia and other Eastern European (CIS Does Not Exist)airlines is the Tu134 or the TU154, even the Yak42/40 could fit the bill......
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RE: TU-154

Sun May 14, 2000 4:05 pm

The TU-154 in fact remains in low-rate production. The economic and political upheaval in Russia has slowed aircraft development considerably, including that of a new TU-154 variant, the -M2 which would feature 2 PS-90 engines (as on the 204). As of last year, that remains unbuilt. The TU-204 which has a striking resemblance to 757 is presently being marketed with both Russian and, in an attempt to gain international sales, western engines (as the TU-204-120, featuring Rolls Royce RB-211s).

Short-haul Russian flights are mainly flown by TU-134, TU-154 and Yak 42 planes although western planes are appearing now. The most unique Russian short-haul plane is, however, the Yak-40, which seats 31 and has 3 engines. Over 1000 have been built over 30 years of production, a feat indeed for a regional jetliner. Regional jets, after all, did not appeal much to Western operators until the last 5 years. Above all, the Yak-40, as with most Russian types and unlike comparable Western types, is able to fly from unprepared strips.

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