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Air 2000 Widebodies

Fri May 12, 2000 8:18 am

I just noticed in the archives an Air 2000 767. I didn't know they had widebodies. Anyone know how many and of what kind they are planning on acquiring?

RE: Air 2000 Widebodies

Fri May 12, 2000 8:39 am

They have 4 Boeing 767-300ERs.
Thier first 2 were acquired when they took over Leisure international Airways in November 1998. Both aircrfaft are -39H(ER) models built in 1993, registered G-OOAN and G-OOAO
Air 2000 added its first "own" 767 in 1999. G-OOAL was delivered on 30th March 1999 and is a -38A(ER). G-OOAM, another -38A(ER) was delivered 2 days ago (10th May 2000) and completes the airline's widebody fleet.

All the 767s seat 38 in Classic Premium and 274 in Classic - That's economy to you and me.

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