Fri May 12, 2000 11:41 am

somewhere in the forums i heard that AF was starting service in 2001 to DFW, does anyone have any info, and what about SR-DFW, more info wanted please, thanx
this topic may have been posted already but i am not aware of it though
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Fri May 12, 2000 12:19 pm

The only thing thats sure as of now is that Sabena will start service to DFW on Aug 6.

AF initially said that they would start in Mar 2000 but then postponed it to 2001. I now hear that they are considering starting service this fall. I also heard in this forum that SR was considering service to DFW from Geneva. Can anyone confirm or deny any of these.

-Thanks in advance.
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Fri May 12, 2000 12:23 pm

I can't confirm or deny it, but I doubt SR would fly DFW-GVA. I believe SR is de-emphasizing GVA over ZRH, and AA will operate DFW-ZRH, on which SR will codeshare.
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Fri May 12, 2000 4:35 pm

Tcttx is right. From June 1st on, AA runs a daily flight from ZRH to DFW. SR codeshares on this flight. On the other hand AA stops its flights from ZRH to ORD and codeshares on SR's daily flights.