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MEX Int'l Airport Without Flts All Night Long

Tue Oct 04, 2005 12:22 pm

I was thinking about that AM is cutting its flts to BOS and SLC, maybe this subject is an old one but I didn't see it or saw it when I started to read this airlines site.... I was wondering that the succed of a flt is sometimes that the airline arrive at the destination (in this case BOS or SLC) when the conex with other cities are on time, I think that AM loose a lot of oportunities arriving so late at BOS, maybe conections with Europe using AF or AZ flts, the same with the late arrive at SLC... In this case why AM or MX or the others doesn't have flts at 3 AM or 4:30? I know that USA airports works all night long like LAX, I flew so many times between LAX and JFK in an early flt and between TUS and LAS in an early too.... Make sense if we think that the flying time between MEX and BOS is about 5 hours, if AM's flt leaves MEX at 3 AM will be landing at 9 AM(local time) in BOS or if the flt leaves MEX at 5 AM land in BOS at 11 AM(local time) a lot of time to make a conex thinking about AF or AZ or others European airlines who has the schedule flt maybe at 5 or 6 PM to CDG or MXP, I think that AM can re-start its flts between this cities with another vision of schedule time and will use the MEX Int'l Airport as best as they can.... maybe I am not considering the factor of money and new hires for AM's service at this hours in the morning but well could be possible and could be worth it, at the same time the MEX Airport could be work at full capacity..... Don't you think "amigos"?.... Cheers and saludos Victor
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RE: MEX Int'l Airport Without Flts All Night Long

Tue Oct 04, 2005 3:09 pm

Quoting Airlineslover (Thread starter):
if AM's flt leaves MEX at 3 AM

Unfortunately I think nobody in their right mind will be willing to take a flight at 3am.... I agree that 3am is perhaps the best time to fly, but that means you have to be at the airport at 1am ish and wait (while almost dozing off) until 3am, fly, then connect? I can't see the average flyer taking this flight.