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Sky Racing Series To Start In The US

Tue Oct 04, 2005 10:21 pm

Last night I saw an ad on the Discovery/Times channel for the Red Bull Sky race in San Fran and I wondered if sky racing would ever become a real professional "sport" then I read the article this morning on the BBC website.

Apparently Diamandis is starting an F1 or Nascar type race tour in the sky. It will bring in all the best pilots to compete across the US doing some very tough stunts and maneuvers.

Some exerts from the article:

Peter Diamandis, the man behind the $10m X-Prize for suborbital space travel, has brought forward his new initiative: the Rocket Racing League.

"The Rocket Racing League will inspire people of all ages to once again look up into the sky to find inspiration and excitement," said Dr Diamandis, who holds the position of chairman in RRL.

The X-Racers will take off from a runway both in a staggered fashion and side by side, and fly a three-dimensional course with long straights, vertical ascents, and deep banks.


The project has the support of the US Federal Aviation Administration.

So how will they regulate air space during these events (especially near airports like SFO and OAK)?

Is this in association with the Red Bull races?

Who is being invited to fly in these races?

Where do I sign up?  

Sorry if this has already been posted but I did a search and couldn't find anything on it.

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