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B747s With Haeco In HKG

Sat May 13, 2000 6:18 pm

Have been in HKG on Thursday, May 11th and while taxiing Cathay A330 was wondering about the obviously good business at HAECO. Following aircrafts have been parked there, details as follows (ID for each welcome though, reg and/or c/n):

Saudia B747-300 (old green c/s)
Atlas B747 (unusual tails c/s extending into the fuselage)
Polar B747
Polar B747 (another!)
Evergreen B747
all white B747(-100)

Are these overhauled there, what kind of checks do they get? Or are they sold?

TIA, Rgds

P.S. Also saw a Gemini Air Cargo MD-11 that day, didnt knew they were getting some! From where, World? (Also two FedEx MD-11 present)
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RE: B747s With Haeco In HKG

Sat May 13, 2000 6:54 pm


I saw these aircraft yesterday, and am also interested in knowing some of the identities. I know that the Atlas is (I think) N528MC, and the colours you saw are Atlas's new colours.
The Gemini MD11 is ex- Varig I believe, and was the first visit of that aircraft. No-one quite knows what it was doing here, whether it was on a ferry flight, or operating a service, as it arrived and left with completely different 4-digit flight numbers.
The Fedex MD11s are normal. Almost every evening you will see 3 of them parked side by side. An A310 sometimes pops in as well.
The Saudia you saw is HZ-AIG, a 747-100 here on maintenance.
You might have also seen a Dragonair A321, which is the newest addition to the fleet. On Thursday it sould have had the registration B-HTF. A few days earlier it would have been G-OZBC, ex-Monarch.
I am not sure of the Polar registrations, as these aircraft come in and out of HKG all the time. I am also not sure what the white 747-100 was, although I am very interested in finding out.
You might also have seen the Pakistan 747-300, AP-BFX, here on maintenance.

HAECO has it's ups and downs, but is not actually doing as well as they used to. This week must be an unusually busy week!
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RE: B747s With Haeco In HKG

Sat May 13, 2000 7:30 pm

The all-white 747-100 is N3203Y. The Atlas in new colors is indeed N528MC. The Gemini MD11F that day was N702GC.
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RE: B747s With Haeco In HKG

Sat May 13, 2000 9:45 pm

Many thanks for the infos. CX flyboy, do you mean the Dragonair A321 was (half) hangared at Haeco as well? Or just arrived at HKG recently and now in service?
Actually I was surprised to see China Southwest B757 this time also as have never seen them before in HKG (only examples from CSN and Xiamen). China Northwest 320 was also a nice sight.
For Haeco, yes, thats what I meant - have passed by there already with hardly any aircraft visible!

Again, thanks

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