Craziest Flight?

Sat May 13, 2000 6:35 pm

HI, Last October I went too Tunisia from LHR and had a call for a docter on board. It had turned out that someone had a heart attack just after take off but the pilot was not told and the flight carried on as usual even though the person might of died, luckily he/she was OK and only had to stay in hospital overnight. What i want to know is what funny or wierd thing has happened on a flight that you were on or you saw on TV or on the internet?
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RE: Craziest Flight?

Sat May 13, 2000 10:36 pm

There are loads of myths about first-time pax mistaking overhead lockers for bunk beds and trying to climb in (sometimes after getting changed into PJs in the lav); or trying to eat the after-dinner face-cloth thinking it's dessert (insert your own airline food joke). What about the flight that diverted cos of a rhythmic pounding noise, only to find out that a pro athlete was jogging in the lav?

I heard a good one the other day - two flight attendents were talking at the back of the plane about how there were fewer pax onboard than expected, and one said that "the load had fallen off." A pax overheard that comment and asked if they were talking about a recent incident where a piece of ice broke away from a toilet outflow valve and hit the no 1 engine (on a 727) which fell off (!). One of the flight attendents said, "If I'd been talking about that, I wouldn't have said 'The load fell off', I would have said 'The shit hit the fan!'
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RE: Craziest Flight?

Sun May 14, 2000 7:24 am

nice cedarjet... 

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RE: Craziest Flight?

Sun May 14, 2000 1:34 pm

my dad once had a flight diverted because there was a rat running down the isle. It was forced to an emergency landing because the rat could have chewed thru important cables.
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RE: Craziest Flight?

Mon May 15, 2000 10:34 pm

As I flew on Western 737-247's back-forth between Sioux Falls, SD & Pierre, SD every weekend for about 10 years before deregulation stopped them from flying that route, I have been through many different situations. I could tell you few of those incidents during that flight between FSD-PIR over all years of flying.... A passenger die on the way to Pierre due to heart attack and I was only 9 years old sitting just right behind so it was quite a expierence.... Couples of times, 737-247 made close calls or had to swerve to avoid a flock of canadian geese during prior landings at Pierre... A flight attendent was carrying champagnes and one of them was opening, sure enough, he lose the grip of that bottle and spilled all over me. I was too young to drink but I enjoyed licking it.   There are more but it's too long stories that I ll need a book.