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Too Many Seats, Too Many Pilots?

Fri Oct 07, 2005 6:13 am

Is the current industry so oversaturated with Furloughed pilots, that new pilot hiring will be frozen until the levels even out?

"I over heard some pilots saying that if you want to fly; than you better go fly for the Military, because no airline will hire newbies"

I absoultely love the military and what they do for this great country!

Seems to be a lot of pilots moving from passenger to cargo flying!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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RE: Too Many Seats, Too Many Pilots?

Fri Oct 07, 2005 10:04 am

ATP claims to have placed 120 graduates in the past year alone... sounds like someone needs pilots! I think the problem, if one exists, would be senior/high time pilots finding comparably paying jobs. Someone might be on furlough from a mainline operator but reluctant to sign on with a regional... he could probably do better pay-wise by waiting tables (or whatever) and keeping up his flight time by doing instructing on the side? Any furloughs out there? Whaddaya think? What do you do?
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RE: Too Many Seats, Too Many Pilots?

Fri Oct 07, 2005 10:32 am

Fortunately, I'm not a furlough, but I can tell you that there are definitely airlines hiring. There are even major and legacy airlines hiring these days. That's in addition to the regional airlines that have been hiring for years. The regionals have no problem hiring "newbies". Many of the pilots hired by the regionals come right out of instructing or flying sight-seeing flights. Some of the pilots being hired into jets right now only have 500 total time (those ATP guys). If a thousand pilots are furloughed, regionals will still have empty seats. For one thing, many furloughed pilots get disillusioned with the whole industry and go into nonflying jobs.

It is true that a furloughed pilot who has been flying for a legacy carrier would probably have a hard time finding a comparable flying job. I've heard that to get hired by CAL right now you have to either have been military or have a connection.