My Trip Will Begin!

Sun May 14, 2000 4:23 am

From June 27-July 7, I will be flying from BSM (Austin-Bergstrom)-PHX-SFO on SWA. Then from SFO-HNL on a UAL 747-200. I will do some Aloha flights in between the islands. Then, HNL-SFO on a UAL 747-200. On the last leg, SFO-PNX-BSM on SWA. I will have lots of pictures and stories posted on the this site right after my trip.

Oh, one more thing, since I'm a 747 freak and this is my first time to fly on a 747, I couldn't be more excited!


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RE: My Trip Will Begin!

Sun May 14, 2000 6:11 am

Hello Boeing747-400 : Did you know that? United serves non-stop AUS-SFO daily??? Why did you fly SWA with one-stop flight? It takes longer your flights to Hawaii? Did you know SFO-Kona has service 747-400?

Have a nice trip and good luck!

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RE: My Trip Will Begin!

Mon May 15, 2000 4:27 am

Bon Voyage!  

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