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"Old" NG's

Sun May 14, 2000 7:49 am

Let's get back on track with a question maybe answered before - we've got the Boieng 737NG's, which old plane/planes would you like to see as an NG?
I'd like to see the B727 as an NG. Glass panels, FBW, stage III engines and all of that. I'm really gonna miss the 727 when they dissapear...hope it won't happen soon.

990 NG

Sun May 14, 2000 7:55 am

Well, I know that this is only a fantasy, as Convair (especially the commercial activities)has been long out of existence since their merger, but I would love to see a 990 NG.
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RE: "Old" NG's

Sun May 14, 2000 8:33 am

L-1011, Il-62

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RE: "Old" NG's

Sun May 14, 2000 12:14 pm

I would like to see md-8X NG. Although Boeing might have just done that with the 717, maybe a stretched version of it would come closer. Also I would like to see NG versions of the 3 engined planes (L1011, DC-10/md-11 and 727) I dont want to see them go.  
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RE: "Old" NG's

Sun May 14, 2000 1:49 pm

How about a DC-8 Super 80 series... the new ultra-high bypass CFM-56's, 6 panel LCD cockpit... it would be an excellent low-density long haul aircraft.
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