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Sun May 14, 2000 1:17 pm

OK this was posted before it got knocked off by the exce dude.
I have a few questions about this.
1. When will it start?
2. seven flights a week? So dose this mean one flight from TLV to CDG then the plane goes to TLV and sleeps there and goes back to CDG? Someone please fill me in!
3. 757-300? is there that much demand for the CDG-TLV. This goes head to head with AF and EL AL right?
4. STL-FRA              
5. And could CDG be the next focus city? As stated in the y2k plan by TWA were supposed to add one more! (And don't forget about the new middle east city)
I look forward to the replies!
El Al 001
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Sun May 14, 2000 9:52 pm

I've understood nothing from your topic!!!!!!!!!?:-l
anyway there is much demand for TLV-CDG/ORY
this is one of the most big route of LY's!
On summer time there are 4 dayly flights of El Al
on 744/747/762/757, also AF has 2 flights a day on a A320, not to mention all the charter airlines.....
this is a very big route, also formaly Tower air used to fly this route.....not with much succes thow....
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Sun May 14, 2000 11:42 pm


If I'm correct STL-CDG is already operated by TWA, using a 767-200ER equipement.

As El Al 001 said, your post is hard to understand. Would you please highlight us about what you're asking? Which airline? What plans?

Alain Mengus