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KLM/BA Alliance!

Sun May 14, 2000 3:57 pm


This morning in the headlines of the Dutch Teletext a message appeared which stated that KLM and BA were in talks to form an alliance. Also was said that BA was interested in buying a minority stake in KLM.

Another reason for this alliance might be to integrate their low cost carriers.

BA and KLM have not reacted yet but does anyone of you guys no more about this. This BA/Iberia/KLM would be a great alliance in Europe or not?

see ya
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RE: KLM/BA Alliance!

Sun May 14, 2000 4:11 pm

Hi there. To keep you updated I have found an article on yahoo and it comes from reuters.

British Airways Said Seeking Stake in KLM
LONDON (Reuters) - British Sunday newspapers said British Airways were in talks with KLM to buy a stake in the Dutch airline to form an alliance.

Following reports in Dutch media last week, both the Mail on Sunday and The Observer newspapers said BA wanted to create an alliance with KLM to strengthen its position in Europe and find synergies between BA's low-cost airline Go and KLM's own budget airline Buzz.

A BA stake in KLM would see the alliance go beyond a code-sharing arrangement, the newspapers said, adding KLM feared an isolated position in Europe after the collapse last month of an alliance between the Dutch airline and Alitalia.

Merger rumors have swept the airline industry after the KLM-Alitalia deal fell apart over concerns about Milan's new Malpensa airport and delays over Alitalia's privatization.

A BA spokesman dismissed the Sunday newspaper reports, telling Reuters: ``We have been talking with KLM recently about a new Internet travel portal but beyond that, all is speculation.''

Earlier this month, BA also denied reports that it was planning to leave the nine-airline Oneworld alliance.

An alliance source told The Observer: ``BA and Swissair and others are taking a very close look at the KLM situation. There is going to be a very big shake-up in the aviation industry and we are moving into an environment that is likely to remain stirred rather than calm for some time.''

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RE: KLM/BA Alliance!

Sun May 14, 2000 5:49 pm

Would this mean KLM would join Oneworld?
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RE: KLM/BA Alliance!

Sun May 14, 2000 6:34 pm

No, Wings and Oneworld will become one alliance. American Airlines will leave oneworld and will probably go to the Qualiflyer Group.

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RE: KLM/BA Alliance!

Mon May 15, 2000 4:12 am

And what about Alitalia?
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RE: KLM/BA Alliance!

Mon May 15, 2000 4:16 am

Alitalia could join the AF/DL-alliance.

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