Northwest Cargo New Planes?

Sun May 14, 2000 8:16 pm

Could somebody working at Northwest or anybody else answer my questions: I've seen Northwest Cargo's 747-200F N643NW in International something Trade (I forgot) special livery, and yesterday I saw "SELECT 3-speed" something plus huge KLM and NW logo at the back of the fuselage.

1. Is this plane N644NW?

2. Is Northwest planning to paint any more of these planes into such special liveries?

3. I've referred to N641NW and N642NW, they are ex 9V-SQP and SQQ from Singapore Airlines Cargo. Is N643NW possibly 9V-SQR, and N644NW 9V-SQS (if the answer to question 1 is "yes")?

4. Is Northwest going to get more 747-200Fs?

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RE: Northwest Cargo New Planes?

Sun May 14, 2000 8:40 pm

N643NW is ex-9V-SQV, then HL7401 with Korean.
N644NW is ex-ZS-SBJ, with South African and before that, N750SJ with Southern Air Transport.
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Sun May 14, 2000 11:06 pm

Where did you see 644? Did you get a photo which you will post? I have a good buddy who is an FE on NW's 747's and he has flown all of the freighters, so I'll ask him if he had heard whether NW is getting any more. I'm not sure about getting more 742F's, but as you see, they have added 2 within the past couple of years (643 & 644, both ex-Southern Air examples I would see often at MIA). One interesting aspect of NW's 747 freighter fleet is all of NW's are true build freighters with nose loading doors. Very few fleets have that feature. CX, Luft., Air France, NCA, China Airlines, JAL, all have at least one converted 747 special freighter without the nose loading door.


Sun May 14, 2000 11:21 pm

Hi Navion,

I saw 644 in Hong Kong Intl, when I was busy getting to every other end of the runway (13 May 2000). I haven't developed the film yet, but there's something wrong with my scanner which keeps giving me low quality scans. I've never made it on anyway, I would love to post it in the forum or the URL when I get it on my own website.

Were 643 and 644 added in the last couple of YEARS or months? As I can remember, all NW freighters used to be N...US, but 643 and 644 are followed by NW instead of US. And there aren't lots of photos of 643 on this site either... no photos of 644.

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RE: Northwest Cargo New Planes?

Mon May 15, 2000 6:05 am

The white plane that you saw said "Investing in Pacific Trade"
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RE: Northwest Cargo New Planes?

Mon May 15, 2000 4:10 pm

I've also taken the photos of N644NW, and I hope I can scan them on Friday.
The N644NW was parked outside the parking bay of the Super Terminal 1 on 13-5-2000.
Yeah~I've seen both the N643NW and N644NW~ 
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RE: Northwest Cargo New Planes?

Mon May 15, 2000 10:42 pm

In a time where other Cargo-airlines are expanding like mushrooms during a humid summer (look at Atlas, Polar, Fedex) NW-Cargo should be a hot favourite for some new 747-400Fs in near future. Or do they want to fall behind their newer competitors and become a member of the ailing Kitty Hawk/Tower Air-league? Half of NWs Cargo-fleet has passed their 20th birthday.
I would love to see new Cargo-Jumbos in the striking silver/red colours.

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