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Engine Fires - Damage And Danger

Mon May 15, 2000 3:19 am

I've heard repeated stories of airliners making emergency landings with engines on fire, or having an engine fire on take-off and having to extinguish it and return to the airport. Can anyone say, what is the danger to an aircraft in the event of an engine fire, and what is the extent of the damage caused by engine fires? Does anyone know what types of fires are most common? I've seen pictures and films of airliner engines with flames shooting out the back, and wonder what causes this.

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RE: Engine Fires - Damage And Danger

Mon May 15, 2000 4:09 am

Jet engines themselves don't actually burn. They are metal.

It is usually the accesory case containing the generator constant speed drives (which contain flamable oil), fuel pumps, and engine oil pumps.

Engines are equiped with extinguishing systems that discharge into the nacelle where the accesssories are located. They do not fire into the engine.

Engines always have at least 2 bottles available for discharge.

A severe engine fire will usually burn the engine off the wing before any damage is done to the wing itself.
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RE: Engine Fires - Damage And Danger

Mon May 15, 2000 6:26 am

The gearbox on the JT9-7 is made from Magnesium so if that ignites there is no stopping it.