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Scandinavian Airlines, Watch Out For The Website!

Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:16 am

I was about to book ARN - AMS and as usual I surfed into to swedish version of the Scandinavian website,

There i found the prices to Amsterdam ridiculous, their new thing called the "europe flights, only 650 SEK" was nowhere to be seen.
The best price I could get on ARN-AMS was on really dodgy hours and only via CPH for apporx 2000 SEk (approx. 220 euros).
Non stop flights ARN - AMS was like 1000-2000 SEK

I do not know why, but something told me to enter the international website,
Which I did.
So I entered the same dates as I did on the swedish website. The HUGE difference here was that I got completely different prices. 45 euros+ taxes for a one way non stop ticket.
So my trip, without having to go via CPH ended on 143 euros instead of 220 euros.

I just wanted to raise a warning for the SAS websites. They seem to be really really weird on the pricing since they changed their way of pricing tickets in Europe.
It would be nice to hear from SAS why this can be. Why the pricing is so much different. It has never been this case before and I fly ARN-AMS, AMS-ARN on a pretty regular basis

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