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Delta L-1011/777 Comparison

Wed May 17, 2000 11:45 am

In a couple of weeks, my travel itinerary will have me on a Delta Airlines 777 for the ATL to MCO leg of the trip. The only other widebody that I have been on has been the L-1011 from ATL to Bermuda. I enjoyed the L-1011 experience. Does the 777 compare in any way at all? All comments are welcome!

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RE: Delta L-1011/777 Comparison

Thu May 18, 2000 12:38 am

I flew last month: Atlanta to Tampa with a L-1011-250,
10 days later Miami-Atlanta with a 777 (both Delta).

Of course I preferred the Lockheed, simply because it is a plane not often seen these days, and here in Europe, you hardly see one!
But to be honest: The 777 was of course a lot newer: The interieur was more bright, the whole plane looked more fresh and clean from the inside.
The L-1011 was not very clean on my flight, and it seems Delta do not put much money in their Lockheeds to renovate them.
The colors of the interiuer looks like in the early eighties.
But they have these unique elevators (for the catering-"cars") in the Lockheed, really something special!
The space you have in your seat is in both types not too much, actually there is no differnce in seating-space between 777 and L1011.
The best thing in the 777 is this in-seat-video, thats really nice.

So, enjoy your flights,

MD 11

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