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NW Cancels The New AMS-BLR Service?

Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:12 am

One of my friends' parents who was supposed to fly blr-ams-sea next week were told that the ams-blr flight has been cancelled. I looked up and sea-blr search shows up flights through BOM. My friend looked up the status of his ticket and he said that it mentioned that blr-ams flight was cancelled. I couldn't see any news releases on their website saying that they were cancelling the service. Strange that they are cancelling it during the busy winter season. Anyone has any idea on how much the flights were booked?
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RE: NW Cancels The New AMS-BLR Service?

Sun Oct 30, 2005 6:15 pm

This is sad  Sad Here is the link to the news
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RE: NW Cancels The New AMS-BLR Service?

Tue Nov 01, 2005 6:36 pm

According to Indian media reports (both TOI and ET), NWA got cold feet at the last minute due to "overcapacity" in the BLR market this winter. I wish their planners had done a decent job of forecasting (I'm sure they knew of the other services starting to BLR, especially that of their skyteam partner AF) the loads on the flights, rather than go through this farce of announcing and then withdrawing on the last day. The reports state that the flight is postponed to next year. I don't know why they're afraid of loads ex-BLR, I'm reasonably certain BLR will be able to support the daily flights of LH/BA/AF/NW - any route will typically take a few months to stabilize!

Anyway - the only saving grace (if any) is that folks still have the options of AF, BA and LH to fly one stop to the US. Besides NW, I'm sure the good folks running the HAL airport must be breathing a sigh of relief - the thought of 4 heavies every night must have caused a lot of headache!

Interestingly enough, BA had started advertizing their services for the past month in the local press, and via outdoor hoardings. AF started advertizing about 2 weeks ago. NWA had yet to launch a single advertisement (or I missed any that they launched).
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