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BA ATP In Forced Landing

Wed May 17, 2000 6:59 pm

Passengers on an internal UK flight escaped without injury after a British Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Liverpool airport.
Witnesses saw the plane veer to the left and throw up showers of sparks as it touched down, before coming to a halt on the runway and tilting on to one wing.

All 44 passengers and crew on the Belfast-bound flight BA7787 from Manchester to Belfast got off safely down emergency chutes.

Two passengers were taken to hospital, one with whiplash and one suffering from shock.

The plane was diverted to Liverpool Airport when it developed undercarriage problems shortly after takeoff at 1808 BST on Tuesday.

The twin-engine plane was forced to circle for nearly three hours shedding fuel when its left wheel failed to lower, before attempting an emergency landing just after 9pm.

Check out this link for some video footage



RE: BA ATP In Forced Landing

Thu May 18, 2000 1:33 am

I saw it on the news this morning.

why was the ATP still in the "To fly to serve" Livery.

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RE: BA ATP In Forced Landing

Thu May 18, 2000 5:03 am

This ATP was operating a BA Express service - these are operated in BA livery by contractors - in this case British Regional Airlines - thus these craft do not belong to BA - conversion for the old livery to the new World images has been patchy.