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Airbus vs. Boeing

Tue Feb 09, 1999 3:29 pm

This is a survey of your opinions.

1) What type of Aircraft (Airbus/Boeing) do you prefer and why?

2) What is your favorite aircraft model (A330, 767) and why?

3) If you were a major airline (United, British Airways) what brand of aircraft would you fly an why?

Should be interesting.......

RE: Airbus vs. Boeing

Tue Feb 09, 1999 6:38 pm

Add McDonnell Douglas to the list of possibilites and then we'll talk. Although, really, this topic has been beaten to death on this forum already.
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RE: Airbus vs. Boeing

Tue Feb 09, 1999 7:56 pm

Beaten to death is an understatement.
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RE: Airbus vs. Boeing

Tue Feb 09, 1999 10:08 pm

Hehe... not this again :-) If MD is not here, I'm not either.
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RE: Airbus vs. Boeing

Wed Feb 10, 1999 1:11 am

I agree, this issue has been beaten to death.
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RE: Airbus vs. Boeing

Thu Feb 11, 1999 1:29 am

Mechanically speaking both companies make excellent aircraft. From conversations with pilots and airlines, I find that neither company is really much better than the other. Most airlines decision to puchase an aircraft always come down to $$. Favourite airline domestic=Midwest Express or American, International=Sigapore Airlines.

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