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What Should I Do?

Thu May 18, 2000 4:42 am

I probabvly know what the consensus will be on this, but I figure I'll ask anyway.

Over Memorial Day, I will be returning from Ft. Myers to Chicago via Atlanta on Delta. The flight I am scheduled to take from Atlanta to Chicago is a 757, a type that I've flown on several times before. This flight leaves somewhere around 2:00pm. If, however, I wait until 5:00, I can take an L-1011, a type which I have not flown since I was a very little kid and which I fear may be retired before I can fly one again. I don't mind spending extra time in ATL, but I do hav eot start work the next day at a big time Chicago law firm. Should I delay my return and take the L-1011? Provided that the flight is not full, will I have difficulty switching flights as a standby?
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RE: What Should I Do?

Thu May 18, 2000 4:54 am

Question 1: Yes, provided you understand and accept the consequences of your decision (should the flight be cancelled/delayed and you get to bed late or don't get into Chicago until the next morning, etc.)

Question 2: Depends on the fare rules of your ticket, but generally, no, it's not a problem.
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RE: What Should I Do?

Thu May 18, 2000 4:57 am

Well, if you're as crazy about L-1011s as some of us are, definitley go with the Lockheed, however, as both you and TWFirst suggested, if this is going to cause a great deal of scheduling headaches, it wouldn't be such a great idea. I personally wouldn't think twice before going with the Lockheed, but I'm crazy about them. They fly very well, but then again so do 757s, which are very powerful themselves. I guess, thus, its just a matter of which aircraft you like better. AKA: TAKE THE L-1011!!!!