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Getting Behind The Throttle

Tue Nov 08, 2005 4:37 pm

ANY SUGGESTIONS for a middle 20's kid about to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, who wants to be an airline pilot. Don't have any experience in the airline industry or with flying airliners; just a sudden realization that getting into the cockpit and getting behind the throttle is what was dreamt about since age four. Airline pilots gotta love their job, eh? I think I'd love my job if I were an airline pilot too. A good friend from Continental tells me that the market is good for pilots right now, and for the next few years. How does one find a good aviation school; how about joining the armed forces and flying planes for the military for a while- good idea? Maybe too late in life to start a career in aviation? What do you guys think? How about some exciting (or boring) stories about how some of you guys got lucky enough to get behind the throttle.