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How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 5:15 am

How come no US Airline flies direct from a New York to Croatia? During the months of May-September Croatia's peek season for tourists, They would make alot of money. Plus alot of Croatians live in New York and New Jersey who are always traveling back and forth. So why won't an airline try it?

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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 6:26 am

Probably not seen as a high yield route - not a lot of business travellers...

Airlines in the US are really focusing on maximizing the profit from each route these days... too bad really..

Perhaps a charter will pick it up

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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 6:33 am

Same reason there's no service from Newark to Manila on Philippine Airlines: while there are a lot of Filipinos in Newark and New Jersey, and a lot of them are really rich, there's no reason to put the flight on because none of them fly business class.
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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 8:55 am

I'd say the risk to the aircraft, passengers and crew are the real reason.Who wants to risk having an angry ethnic minority pop a SAM at their aircraft?
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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 9:01 am

I agree mostly with the above statements. US airlines prefer business travelers by a large margin. And in light of the recent political situations in the Balkans, I don't think a US airline would want to start up service to that area. It would be too much of a publicity problem if something happened.

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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 9:08 am

Why would Croatians want to shoot down an airliner? Loads of airlines fly there.

There's loads of places US carriers don't fly to cos of high traffic but low yield - not just most of eastern Europe, what about AFRICA?! Is there a single service to Africa by a US airline (Cairo notwithstanding, and that's only TWA 767s)? Pan Am used to fly to Nigeria (Lagos, maybe Kano too?), Monrovia, Liberia (with 747s!), Nairobi, Kenya and others, including Cairo of course. They also flew to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia during the 60s. Maybe Khartoum in Sudan too?
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RE: How Come No US Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 9:31 am

I think its both an economic and safety situation with Croatia and Africa. Memories of the recent unrest in the former Yugoslavia and West Africa will probably scare American business and tourists off for a long time...
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