Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 7:33 am


I would like to ask you frequent flyers how you think about LH, compared to other airlines. What is it that you like the best, what do you like the least? Do you think that Lufthansa is better than most of the competition, or did you have bad experiences? I would love to hear your stories.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 8:16 am

I didn't like my lufthansa flight from FRA to Beirut. No enough legroom on their A319s, specially for a 4 hours flight.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 8:50 am

I'll be flying Lufthansa this summer and from what people tell me I'm not to anxious. It's either cramped seats or bad service.  
Also, what makes this even worse is that I have a lot of flights with Lufthansa. 
So, I hope to hear something nice from you people about Lufthansa.
Are their A300 in good condition?

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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 1:05 pm

Well Lufthansa has many of the bad German traits. Service tends to be cold (and sometimes the food too), the other pax seem to be very stern with overly serious demeanor (like they just smelled something bad), and the flights generally have the feel of some type of military transport. Sometimes LH is unavoidable but if I have the choice I go someone else...

RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 7:51 pm

I have personally flew on Lh last year from Birmingham to Frankfurt and onwards to Kuala Luumpur. I am sorry to tell you that the service was really cramed. Unfriendly cabin crew. Some cabin crew from Thailand can't even speak proper English. I really can't imagine how they become cabin crew.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 10:00 pm

Every great airline has some backdrops. For sure you can experience better service somewhere else than in a Lufthansa plane. But they indeed have a good enough service. In 90% of my LH flights there was nothing to complain. If there were problems then mostly with the groundcrew during delays.

After some 100 flights or so on them I have to say that what a few of you wrote is more the exception of the rule. In the years 1995-99 there some problems because of rationalisation.
In general my impression is that the cabin crew in american planes is not better at all, but LHs planes a kept in a better way. They are cleaner, newer, look somehow more fresh - and there´s definitely no airline I trust more when it comes to the most important feature of all: To get you there safely.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 10:39 pm

It seems that most of you have had bad experiences with Lufthansa but I agree with Na, usually the service is good. I have flown with them sixteen times within the last two years domestic, european and longhaul flights.

If I had to choose an airline for a flight within Europe, it would definitely be Lufthansa. The service is great, haven't met a single rude flight attendant on intra-europe flights. They also serve good meals and B733/735/A319/320/321/RJ85/CRJ all have comfortable leather seats. All Cityline CRJs and RJ-85s have an all City-class layout, that's like business class on mainline, superb. Also you get to visit the cockpit on most flights.

I feel that the service on transatlantic flights isn't as good as on euro flights but still at least the same as on KLM for example. All B747 and A340 aircraft are now fitted with the new seats that should be much more comfortable than the old ones. My YYZ-FRA flight was once delayed by one hour and the crew handled the situation very well, gave us meal vouchers and kept us informed about the situation all the time. I have once had some rude flight attendants on a transatlantic flight but come on, which airline doesn't have them???

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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sat May 20, 2000 11:36 pm


I have been on LH numerous times, on BKK - MNL route and BKK - FRA - LHR , i've tried LH in all classes ( including the new first class ) and I think the service is pretty good, the seats are comfortable but the entertainment are not that good ( considering that they refurbished their cabin and still no PTV ) The FAs are very nice ( sometimes a little bit demanding ) .. but the safety and on-time performance is top-notch.. never a delay flight
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 3:31 am


My last experience with Lufthansa was excellent. This happened last April when I flew return Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Washington (economy class). As on all my previous flights with Lufthansa I have to say that is an great airline. The service on all four flights was good at the cabin crew was quite friendly. On the AMS-FRA route LH flew a A-310, which is quite a big plane for this short distance, but it was almost fully packed. Does anyone of you LH guys know if this is normal for the AMS-FRA service. Luckily the A-310 does not have these awfull leather seats, which the A-319 has on which I flew FRA -AMS return first morning flight. The "food" on the AMS-FRA service vv was bad. You only get a disgusting snack which tastes like it is a month old. But food was good on the Frankfurt-Washington service. On board of the 747 there was not that much leg-room, but that's in every airline's economy class. On the return flight I flew back on the A-340, which has more space for your legs than LH747-400s. Inflight entertainment on board of the FRA - WAS service was bad. I got the Disney cartoon Tarzan and the latest James Bond "the world is not enough" (that was nice). But on the return flight the dared to play the Grey Owl. (this is to bore everyone on board and you loose customers).

Next june when I have to go to Washington again I will probably fly United's direct again. At least you get better Entertainment on board and it saves a lot of time I loose with the transfers. Anyway LH is still one of my favourites and I fly them really often to the states. Simply because KLM does not serve Boston (NWA does, but NWA sucks compared to KLM/BA or LH).
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 3:51 am

I flew a lot an LH. And I have to say, that they are not too good...ZRH-HAM we were 8 hours too late!!!
But on many other flights the service and comfort was really good. As Na said, 90% of all Lufthansa flights are ok. My best flight was ZRH-FRA-ADDIS ABEBA (via Cairo) on a A310, it really was fantastic!! The service was perfect and the FA´s too...

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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 4:23 am

I've flown Lufthansa FRA-ORD and FRA-BUD several times, and, besides getting from point A to point B, there is not much to be happy about.

- LH Boeing 747 I flew was clean but old and so cramped that I, being 6'2" tall, had to sit sideways most of the time on a 9 hour flight.
- Service is in general not very friendly, they just thow you your cold meal and that's pretty much it.
- Telephone reservation/information system from the U.S. is horrible. I was on hold had to wait 15-25 minutes each time I called Lufthansa. By comparison, when I call United or Delta, I wait about 2-4 min.
- They refused to reschedule one of my tickets, although I called 2 months in advance. The reason they have given is something along the lines "you are not in the computer, fax the copy of your ticket, and perhaps we'll have mercy on you." Unkind, if not outright rude.
- This maybe has nothing to do with Lufthansa itself, but I dislike Frankfurt airport. They are outright discriminatory. European Union flight terminal is OK, but the one for Eastern Europe/ Turkey/ Ex-soviet union is located in the basement, old, ugly and dirty. The air fares are the similar, they should treat pax the same.

Basically, I only fly Lufthansa by chance because they are United's partners on lines I travel often. I LOVE United's service and confort, even in the ecconomy class and on domestic flights.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 4:34 am

I would agree with the majority. LH is a very good and relable airline. I travelled with LH from LHR-FRA-Athens (A300-600, B737-200)-ten years ago and I remember the service was good, the food too !!!!!! eventhough the named it cold snack..
However, LH has the typical german attitude   but this is not bad....

RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 5:19 am

Hi folks,

I also think that Lufthansa is a very good airline.
I've flown them many times and I always felt good and safe (!!) abord their planes.
The service is good and the F/A's and pilots are usually very nice.

Regards to y'all,

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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Sun May 21, 2000 7:15 am

I have always had good experiences with them - good food, unobtrusive service and punctual. As someone said, you trust them to get you there. For my money they have one of the safest operations on the planet, I would trust them above Swissair, any US carrier (except maybe UA) and Qantas to get me there. A good balance sheet is one of the best barometers of an airline's safety, and LH are VERY profitable.

Someone else (Lufthansa747 I believe) mentioned their willingness to entertain cockpit visitors. I flew with them once from LHR to Hamburg to bring a Piper Aztec back to Fairoaks UK (in the right seat). I mentioned this to a f/a after boarding and ended up spending the entire flight from gate to gate in the jumpseat (the first officer was reading Playboy when I went up - choice!). They took the trouble to say aloud for my benefit every single thing they were doing, even when lining up for departure and on approach. I got the business class meal too, which was gorgeous.

If there is anything more fun than sitting in the jumpseat of a 733 eating smoked salmon with a constantly refilled glass of Diet Coke in the other hand, talking about aviation with two really nice dudes, I don't know if I could stand the excitement.
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Thu Jun 08, 2000 7:53 am

I don't really like LH. I have flown on them between London and Germany, always on the 737. The service wasn't anything special, but it wasn't specifically bad. The food was bad though. Also there seemed to be not a lot of leg room. I am kind of tall at just over 6 feet, so I find leg room important. The worst was that they didn't allow me to use my diskman. Everyone in the group I was travelling with felt the same. I will most likely take BA next time I go to germany.

RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Thu Jun 08, 2000 8:16 am

I only have good experience with Lufthansa, even if it´s just about 20 flight´s until now I find them very reliable and service is nothing special but always good. I havn´t been on their B747´s, but in economy-class they must be uncomfortable from what I´ve heard.

I Love Lufthansa

Thu Jun 08, 2000 8:17 am

Lufthansa IS THE VERY BEST AIRLINE THAT I HAVE EVER BEEN ON! Good Service, good food ( i really dont like airplane food ) and a great flights.


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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Thu Jun 08, 2000 9:45 pm

Ive flown Lufthansa only once in 1994 from Karachi to Bahrain and back it was a great experience which i will never forget, theres nothing like flying a quality european airline and Lufhtansa is the best, however there were some negatives too, like moody crew, segregated seating for German and Pakistani passengers which was very surprising, and a dull interior with TV monitors for entertainment which were not for the 3 hour flight to Bahrain , also there were too many partitions in the the cabin of the A310 operated on the route and the one i was seated next to in the centre aisle made a constant vibration noise which nearly drove me crazy,but overall it was great flying with them,unfortunately Lufthansa has stopped operating to Pakistan and is missed dearly.
.....up there with the best!
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RE: Lufthansa - Your Favorite Airline?

Thu Jun 08, 2000 10:46 pm

As my user name suggests, Lufthansa is my favorite airline.

Maybe that's just because I have a lot of fond memories of trips from New York to Germany as a child, but I've never found much to complain about. A couple rare annoyances:

In 1987, flying NUE-FRA-BRU on 732-722. I got stuck by the engine in the 727. That would have been annoying on ANY airline.

1n 1998, I learned exactly what Monte is talking about in economy class on those old 742s. I flew IAD-FRA. I couldn't BELIEVE the pitch. I, also am 6'2" and had to spend half the flight standing in the aisle. I might as well have flown a charter airline. The food was great, though, for Y-class airline food (not as good as Icelandair- the best economy-class meal in the sky), the Beck's kept flowing, and the cabin attendants were highly intelligent, capable, and beautiful, with upbeat personalities and big smiles.
The second leg of that trip was Frankfurt-Stuttgart on an A320- my first Airbus experience. The plane knocked my socks off. I liked everything about it.
Returning to IAD on an LH 744, the Y class seat pitch was far superior. It was an excellent flight.

I play in a rock band so, naturally, I need a tattoo (it's in the rule book). Mine is the Lufthansa condor. I wear it proudly.
"Sympathy is something that shouldn't be bestowed on the Yankees. Apparently it angers them." - Bob Feller

RE: Lufthansa "Condor"

Thu Jun 08, 2000 11:04 pm

Not that it matters much, but it might be of interest to you: The Lufthansa logo bird is not a condor, it's a crane!

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