Anyone Buying The AirNamibia 'SP Video?

Sat May 20, 2000 11:41 pm

It's coming out in around 27days; anyone have any experience of these World Air Routes videos? Any good? I'm thinking of putting in an order, as the route, Airline and Aircraft are of particular interest. I find it rather irritating that I should pay more just to have it play on a British (PAL) VCR though!!

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RE: Anyone Buying The AirNamibia 'SP Video?

Sun May 21, 2000 1:01 am

Hi Alex!

I think I'm going to buy it. Air Namibia no longer flies that 747SP and since I figure that I will never fly such aircraft then I might of as well see whats it like on video.

I think it's so interesting that this newly independent african nation have such a good airline. Air Namibia just purchased a 747-400 combi version which replaced the older 747Sp in service. Sounds like an exotic airline to fly with. I think the reason they fly 747's is because they offer an alternative to the very busy U.k and German - S. African market.

Take care!

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