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Allegiant- On Time Performance? Charters

Fri Nov 18, 2005 11:33 am

Shreveport just picked up Allegiant and the chairman of the airport board is making a big deal out of the airline coming to SHV twice week. You would think that the airport got Southest, AirTran, etc.

What is the on time performance of the airline? I know that the airline has flown here in the past. Does anyone know how many charter flights that they have done out of Shreveport in the past year?/
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RE: Allegiant- On Time Performance? Charters

Fri Nov 18, 2005 2:32 pm provides the previous month on time for free on their website.

For October they had Allegiant at 86% ontime. In September it was 84%.

Although 2 flights may not seem like much, most people on here will tell you getting Allegiant is turning out to be a big deal for most cities. This is different than their charter service you've seen in the past.

G4 is doing what most airlines these days aren't, growing scheduled service and making money. If you haven't already look at the route map on their web site. They are going to places the other airlines won't, with full sized jets. And if the city responds, Allegiant adds frequencies and/or flights to SFB.

Plus, my personal feeling is that cities getting service now may see it lead to being part of another phase for Allegiant in a few years. I can't help but feel that LAS and SFB are only the start.
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