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New Iflypa Website To Promote Use Of PA Airports

Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:42 am

FYI, A new web-guide for Pennsylvania Air Travelers was just recently established:
It's a site to promote greater usage of airports throughout the Keystone State.

Excerpt from the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association weekly newsletter (bold emphasis added):

PA Launches to Promote Flying Out of Commonwealth Airports
“Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced a consumer website to help air
travelers compare in-state fares with out-of-state fares, along with other
costs associated with traveling to an out-of-state airport. The website
offers air travel facts, cost comparison scenarios and direct links to
Pennsylvania’s 15 scheduled-service airports. spread its wings
at the new Harrisburg International Airport terminal with the help of
representatives of Pennsylvania’s airports and other airline industry
professionals, including a number of the 210,000 front-line employees
directly affected by increases and decreases in air travel. “This new
website is a smart-shopper’s guide for air travelers,” said Governor Edward
G. Rendell. “Many air travelers never consider additional cost factors like
gas and parking when comparing fares at out-of-state airports. This site
will give travelers the information they need to know for checking whether
they are really getting a better deal outside the statewe think they will
find our airports are competitive.” Research indicates that many
Pennsylvanians are actually paying more to fly out of out-of-state airports
after calculating factors like mileage, gas, parking fees and other travel
costs in addition to factors like convenience and travel time. Some
travelers actually spend $100 or more in many cases. “The average
Pennsylvania airfare has dropped 26 percent since 2000, one of the largest
airfare declines of any state,” said PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler,
P.E., who launched the website. “For the first time since 1992,
Pennsylvania is below the national airfare average.
That’s great news for
Pennsylvania air travelers, airlines, airports and the people employed in
the air travel industry.” Biehler added that in terms of airfares alone,
Pennsylvania residents are spending $270 million each year to fly from
out-of-state airports. is supported by an aggressive statewide
advertising and public relations campaign. For more information, visit”
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