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The Future Of SAS?

Sat Nov 19, 2005 10:29 am

Well, I made this remarks on the thread "SAS Brathens New Routes" and think it needed a deeper discussion.

"Hi Orion, personnaly I doubt there will me a new kind of Scanair, I think the brand will be SAS. Scanair was sold out of the SAS Group and then became the part of a "fusion" with the old charterflight company Conair, which was a part of the travelagency "Spies". Then everything was sold to My Travel because of mismanagement. The way I see it is that the brand SAS will be sold both as a premium product, some in between and then some kind of basic product. Still in Denmark they are using the name "snowflake" as their discount product, but you can buy the same ticket on SAS, sometimes cheaper, but it is the same product. The funny thing is that when you buy the cheap ticket on SAS in Europe you have to buy everything, including water, but if you are travelling on SAS organized by a charter company you might have some kind of food, coffee and water/soda for free. But as I see it, and I have no problem with it, they are selling too many products under the same brand. I know how to look at my bookingclass, but have the average passenger? At first I thought the company made something totally wrong, but the last economic reports says they have done some wright decisions. Only time will tell, and I am not working in the headquarter of SAS. "

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