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Kai Tak

Sun May 21, 2000 3:48 pm

Heya everyone,
I just wanted to know who has been to kai tak, flown into it and to tell me their expeirences about kai tak.
Im trev and im 15, i lived on the hill on the left hand side of the planes when they approached, i had a great view of the planbes coming into land and i feel very fortunate.
Everytime i came into Kai Tak, it was a great experience! and i would look out of the window flying over the buildings below....amazing...
Tell me your experience and if you have any photos taken from inside the plane when coming into hong kong, please post them up here!
I have a few photos coming into Chek Lap kok but not of kai tak.
Thanks everyone!
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RE: Kai Tak

Sun May 21, 2000 4:07 pm

I had tried for once only.
I was young, about 8, and back from ShangHai by China Eastern Fokker 100. The weather was bad, strong wind, low visibility and heavy rain. I was sat on near the windows side ('A' seat), but I can't remember anything that I saw. I just know is, the plane missed approach, and the pilot didn't told us that until we landed for the second time.
ha...I miss KaiTak also, I can't get a good spotting place in CLK!  
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RE: Kai Tak

Sun May 21, 2000 6:14 pm

At kai tak, it was easy to spot planes, e.g ont he car park, checkerboard, almost anywhere!
But at check lap kok its not easy.
any one any suggestions?!
People. They make an airline.
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RE: Kai Tak

Sun May 21, 2000 11:23 pm

I landed there once on an SR MD11. I was only about 8. I cannot remember much. I also love the new airport!
It is one of my favourite!

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Kai Tak And The Shit Chek Lap Kok

Mon May 22, 2000 12:28 am

Hi all,
I am based in Hong Kong.
I have to say, Chek Lap Kok is not good for aviation spotting. Either marking the registration only.
Chek Lap Kok is so very hot in Summer. Hotter than Kai Tak or somewhere in town.
And there is no good place for watching aeroplanes, no viewing facility......
So dissatisfied V_V
And the Airport Authority men will get you away from the road outside carpark or terminal.
They will say " here is not allowed to can only stay in the terminal, places."
And the spotters in Hong Kong need to hid themselves to prevent discovered by those poor guys.
If here is using RWY07, you can go to Sa Lo Wan to take photos for the departure traffics.
If it isusing 25, you can go to the sea side near airport hotel to spot the landing traffics.
My skin has already gotten very dark by the Bright sunshine.....
you can see my photo on from HK new airport.
Search for photographer name: Alan Tsui

Still remmeber the time I was standing at the top roof of a bldg near the final of the wonderful IGS approach runway13.