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Legend Airlines/Jetblue The Future Of Aviation

Sun May 21, 2000 11:41 pm

I think in twenty years the airlines that are going to make it are Legend Airlines and jetblue becaus ethey worry about what the customer wants and to have cramped seats but the award winning magazine. Both airline focus mainly on what the passengar wants jetblue dosn't even have a magazine, Legend just uses a local magazine and focuses on the new terminal at Dallas Love.

What do you think? Any other airlines that do this?
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The Jury Is Gonna Be Out For A Long Time

Mon May 22, 2000 4:37 am

on both JetBlue and Legend.

As far as Legend is concerned, they are going to have to prove they can be viable over the long term in the face of some competition. There is only one airline who has managed to make full-service-at-full-coach-prices work...and that has been Midwest Express. They were operating in and out of Milwaukee (not a hub for anyone) and had the support of a lot of corporations (Kimberly-Clark, for instance). The history of post deregulation airlines in the US is littered with the carcasses of a lot of folks who have tried full service and failed....MGM Grand, AirOne, RegentAir, McClain name it.

JetBlue is a more interesting concept....but they have yet to prove they can offer a nice product and keep costs down to a level where they can charge low fares and make a profit. That's what it is really all about...not whether you offer a luxury product, but whether or not you can be viable over the long term by making some money.

Thus, the jury is definitely out on whether these are the future of U.S. commercial aviation. I am biased (as a stockholder) but I think the future is hubs, point to point service at low fares, pleasant service but no frills. The congetsion at hubs is beginning to cause some airlines to start using RJs on lower density jet routes to bypass hubs...but a 2 or 3 hr flight in a RJ makes one long for "that wide bodied 737-700!" ROFL!

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