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Canada Sets Up Aircraft Financing Plan

Sun Nov 27, 2005 12:02 am

Hello all

What do you think about this? any comments appreciate please. Here's the link

November 25, 2005
Canada's minority Liberal government said on Friday it would establish an Aircraft Sales Financing Framework to support the construction of Canadian-made planes.

"We cannot take ad hoc decisions every time a company comes up with a major project," Transport Minister Jean Lapierre told reporters in Montreal.

It was not immediately clear how this program would differ from credit financing offered by a government export agency or how much money would be earmarked.

Ottawa said it would create an aerospace and defense technology development program through which it would contribute to the costs of industry-led research and development.

Montreal-based Bombardier decided in mid-March to develop its C Series 110- to 135-seat jet for mainline airlines rather than the regional carriers it normally supplies.

Brazil's Embraer has a similar-sized jet in the works.