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Yassar Arafat

Thu Feb 11, 1999 6:32 am

Here is a funny story from book "The Art of Getting Even" by Gary Brodsky

Airport Shanagins

"Once I had the privilege of driving a guy I hated to the airport. Since security check points are strictly regulated, I was certain that my prank wouldn't go unnoticed. While I was helping the guy unload his luggage from my car, I slipped a handful of 9mm bullets into his jacket pocket, along with a photo of Yassar Arafat. When he went through the metal detector, the bullets set off the alarm, and they checked his pockets. My prank worked better than I had planned, as the security people detained the guy for eight hours of intensive questioning."

What you think about it? Any comments are welcome ;)

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RE: Yassar Arafat

Thu Feb 11, 1999 6:44 am

LOL. That's a great story. :) ..that's the kind of stuff we need to have every once in a while,
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RE: Yassar Arafat

Thu Feb 11, 1999 7:03 am

However, you better not to do it in Iserael, or this guy might spend the rest of his life in the prison.
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RE: Yassar Arafat

Thu Feb 11, 1999 7:45 am

It's a funny story but I think I'd like to know what the security people thought before I decided whether it was a good idea or not. I guess if it's a place where nothing usually happens it might have been a good exercise for them - possibly.
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RE: Yassar Arafat

Thu Feb 11, 1999 8:23 am

Security people are only qualified enought to make minimum wage. So actualy i am surprised they caught it.
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RE: Yassar Arafat

Fri Feb 12, 1999 2:23 am

Very funny .... great
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