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Inflight Entertainment - Reactions Of The Public

Wed Nov 30, 2005 9:16 am

Hello everybody,
for my study I have to write an essay about the history of inflight entertainment and its evolution.
I have to do a research if the mediatrends were an influence for the changes in inflight entertainment (I study interactive Media and it's for my subject Culture & Media).
I am looking at the effects and reactions of the people who are flying / the public compared to the early years.

I am looking for any kind of information regarding Inflight Entertainment.
On I've found a couple of topics who are quite useful:

Some other websites:

Airline - Identity, design and culture (by Keith Lovegrove)

So my question is:
Can anyone provide me more useful links/names of books/other information about the history of inflight entertainment?
I already know the hard facts (Virgin was the first offering ptv's to everyone in their plane etc.), but I'm more interested in the way how the people were reacting on IFE.

Thank you  Smile

Grtnz, Doug