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Airbus A340-500, -600

Thu Feb 11, 1999 8:17 am

Those anybody know what airlines have order the new A340s? Im not clrea about it, but I think Virgin, Lufthansa and Air Canada, wondering if any other airlines have order them too....

RE: Airbus A340-500, -600

Thu Feb 11, 1999 8:36 am

I think Lufthansa has not as the sold there other 340 or so I have heard.
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RE: Airbus A340-500, -600

Thu Feb 11, 1999 9:09 am

Emirates, and Aerolineas Argentinas also have the new A34o's on order.
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A340-600/500 already very popular!

Thu Feb 11, 1999 7:28 pm

Hi B767-400ER,

I can ensure there are more than three airlines having ordered the new Airbusses.

Lufthansa ordered eleven A340-600, Virgin ten, Swissair nine, Aerolineas six and Egypt Air two.
Air Canada also ordered A340-600s, but also A340-500, unfortunately I can't tell you the exact splitting right now.

The A340-500 has been ordered by Singapore Airlines (five) and Emirates (five).
SIA wants to start SIN-LAX nonstops, Emirates will use it for DXB-New York as well as for new nonstops to Australia.
Beside the orders above there are many more options.

I don't know if your last sentence contains any doubt or irony on the new types, but I can ensure Boeing is still waiting for any customers of their B777-200X/(300X)-ultra longhaul aircraft.
And with SIA, Emirates and Egypt Air already three current B777-users decided to order four-engined Airbusses for their ultra-longhaul services...

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RE: A340-600/500 already very popular!

Fri Feb 12, 1999 1:24 am

The only customer right now for the 777-200/300er is Malaysian airlines, which I will have to say has no money to buy the new aircraft. If I was them, I would rather buy the Airbusses due to the fact that the aircraft would be earlier available, and can immediately be used on the Buenos Aires route as well as the north american routes.
Singapore bought 5 -500 and has 5 options, I think they should also buy 5 to supplement there A330.

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RE: A340-600/500 already very popular!

Fri Feb 12, 1999 10:05 am

Lets wait and see how it does against the new version of the 747. Air Canada will most likely cancel their order.
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