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Back Facing Seat's

Tue May 23, 2000 5:26 pm

As far as I know the major airlines considered replacing the seats direction so the back of the seat would face the direction the plane is heading because of a higher chance of survival in a case of an accident .however they dropped the idea because it is "unnatural" and the public will object.( as if putting yourself in a metal tube which is flying at 900 kph at 30000 feet is natural.)
what do you think about this idea would u agree seating backwards in the name of safety
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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 5:01 am

I dont really have a problem with them, But it is NOT good for people who get motion sickness.

RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 5:34 am

Royal Airforce's transport aircraft all had rear facing seats for safety, in case of an accident as there is more chance of survival. But I doubt we will ever see such an arrangement on civil aircraft. A rear facing seat will have to be able to withstand 20g's on the floor bracket. This means that the floor seat track will have to be strengthened. Therefore more weight added to the aircraft, which in turn will mean more fuel or less load. None of which is very appealing to airlines. For example a 747 with rear facing seats will incur a weight penalty of some 5 tons which roughly translates to the weight of 50 pax. Therefore the airline will have to charge higher fares to meet the cost. Would you pay more to fly on a "safer" aircraft? Besides you still have no guarantees. Would more people have survived the JAL 747 crash, the Erebus crash, the Mount Fuji crash with rear facing seats? Surely not. Perhaps the Kegworth crash - yes.
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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 5:37 am

Plus passengers (including myself) would be scared, especially on takeoff.

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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 9:18 am

And they would have to have shoulder belts in the seats, think how much you would lean forward in your seast on take off!!! that would be unsafe for infants wouldnt it???
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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 10:47 am

I find rear-facing seats a little disconcerting, especially with the direction of travel of the airplane, although I'm not afraid to fly nor do I ever get airsick. It's just not normal to be facing the rear while sitting in the plane!
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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 11:12 am

I flew on the jump seat a couple of times and this is also backwards, it is kind an odd feeling while taking off, but other than that just fine, once on a crusing altitude, you don't feel the difference.

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RE: Back Facing Seat's

Wed May 24, 2000 4:00 pm


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