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Why Is It I Don't Get Airsick?

Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:38 pm

After reading another thread about some PAX who became ill on a flight I started thinking.. Why is it I never get airsick? I get car sick and motion sickness on any amusement park ride, but, never in an airplane! I've been through some pretty bad turbulence once where I started feeling a bit sick, but, nothing compared to how I feel on a park ride..

Anyone here suffer from air sickness? Ever witnessed anyone using the sickness bag? I fly a lot and not once have seen this. I actually forgot about the sick bag..
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RE: Why Is It I Don't Get Airsick?

Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:34 pm

Airsick.. ewww! Joking lol.. I have had a lady puke in the seat next to me 4 years ago on an AS flight out of PSP as we encountered moderate turbulence for about 4 minutes. I must say, she wasn't the only one in the aircraft though (but not me!). Go do some spin training in a GA aircraft.. my stomach doesn't take that kinda stuff! At an old flight school I attended, they had a Citabria in which they did spin training and tailwheel endorsements. One of the classes of 4 guys had to do their spin training and they all managed to schedule it with the same instructor throughout the same day.. at 2 hour sessions, he was puking after the second and still had 2 more to go! (Un)Fortunately enough, he then realized what they were doing and rescheduled the last 2 flights. Anyways, air sickness happens!

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