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Wed May 24, 2000 7:56 am

Latest info re. the 1987 crash of the SAA flight off the coast of Mauritius. SA Media now reports, with the aid of new decoded conversations from the CVR, that the B747-200 Combi was carrying nuclear weapon components onboard for the apartheid regime. The CVR data was printed today in all SA papers-and it is scary to read. The captain informs his flight crew about the cargo by saying "we are carrying lethal cargo on this flight" the nmentioning the code word for a nuclear device, a "boy george" the conversations alude to the fact that if SAA pilots refused to carry such materials, that their lives could be in danger from SA agents. The 1st officer mentions how on earth the SA government to even think of having a commercial jet carry such material. They talk extensively about their careers, the risk that is being taken and the incredible fear they have doing this. Mention is made of forged documents, who in SAA at the time could authorise such flights, and who could destroy certain evidence at SAA HQ. To this day, a tape between the doomed flight and SAA operations could not be found, it whent "missing" one day after the crash. The flight originated in Tapei, and crashed into the indian ocean about 20 minutes before touch down in Mauritius. Before impact, the captain had declared a full emergency. The CVR records repeated interphone calls from the main deck-indicating pandemonium below. Any body have more info for me?