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World Cup - Flight Routing Recommendations

Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:55 am

Hello all-

Im planning on going to the World Cup in Germany next year and as the groups were just pulled, Im wondering about the possibility of booking fairly inexpensive flights in that time period next summer (June), or if it would be cheaper to take the train. Ive never been to Germany and am lacking considerably in knowledge of times and distances between cities.

Its actually like a logic puzzle!

My team (Sweden for this time around, usually England- what luck they are in the same group!) will be playing in Dortmund, Berlin, and Cologne- in that order. I will be arriving from either CPH or MMX, and I have a place to stay in Berlin, so that will be the homebase. My questions:

1) What are good, inexpensive airlines in Germany that will take me to the places I need to go? I know of Air Berlin, and LH of course, but I dont know of some of these smaller ones from Koln and Dortmund

2) Will there be any "packets" of tickets available for intra Germany flights during that time as a special promotion?

3) Would the train be more comfortable/cheaper/easier? I was looking at a RailEurope package to buy before I left for Europe for the summer- that could be a good option. But I dont know what the distances and times are between Berlin and these cities- can anyone assist?

4) Does anyone know of any good websites for cheap housing- hell we would even camp if it came to that. Anything sort of studenty?

Any help or recommendations of any sort would be really helpful- we are going to try and get a package of tickets through the quarters- this is going to be the summer when Lex Sees Germany!
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RE: World Cup - Flight Routing Recommendations

Sat Dec 10, 2005 7:02 am

1) HLX (Hapag-Llyod Express - have a hub in Köln, so does Germanwings ( Easyjet fly to Dortmund, but I don't know what their connections are inner-Germany.

2) Too early to say for that. I haven't heard of any yet.

3) The Deutsche Bahn ( is a sponsor for the World Cup, so they might be having offers.

4) Nope, sorry!

Regarding trains/flying it's probably best if you compare the prices, as sometimes the one can be cheaper than the other...

And lastly - good luck if you got tickets! I unfortunately didn't  Sad