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Wed May 24, 2000 6:39 pm

Hey Cedarjet, I was wondering what ever became of your poetry competition. I never heard who won, If anyone did win for that matter. Im curious, because I thought I was in with a good chance  

Also, Congradulations on your 1 year birthday with airliners.net, according to your info you joined Airliners.net exactly one year ago today. So well done!

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RE: Cedarjet*!*!

Thu May 25, 2000 2:51 am

I also wonder that and I think that members who participate have left the forum.
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RE: Cedarjet*!*!

Thu May 25, 2000 10:08 am

I know, I know, I was very slack about judging it cos I drifted away for a while. I'll dig the original thread out of the archives and solicit opinion. One reason I never did so at the time was cos I was expecting only a few takers, but there was something like 37 poems written about this site! So everyone who entered gets a postcard from my enormous collection of vintage postcards, and the overall winner also gets the airline disaster novel "Collision" which stars a medically unfit 707 captain who collides with a DC8 over Toronto.

By the way, thanks to everyone who had a go, it was just a thing I thought of when I picked up the spare copy of the book. The entries were really cool: "I'll surf instead of study / And fail my exams, I bet / But how could I stay mad at you / Airliners.net?" Yes!
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