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Junkstar Int To Get 4 X 332's-how Many Seats 363?

Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:25 pm

Will they go with absolute maximum seating configuration like AIr Transats 363 in 2 classes (2-3-2 in club & 3-3-3 in Y) ???

Probably !!! Would such as aircraft fully loaded be weight restricted HNL/SYD?

Hope they don't just do HNL/SYD. Hope they also do HNL/BNE & HNL/MEL.

Nobody wants to transit at horrible SYD !!!!

& who will they partner with at HNL for thru traffic? Westjet or ?

There are some cheap charter flights organised by casinos HNL/LAS !!! (using Omni Int Dc10's & 757's)

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