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Thu May 25, 2000 12:58 am

Will AA buy DL to "keep-up" with UA/US?
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Thu May 25, 2000 1:32 am

I doubt it. AA and DL have overlap (Dallas Ft. Worth is a hub for both carriers)
and American does not need Delta's European or Latin America routes. AMR
needs a partner with strong presence on West Coast (IE America West and
Alaska) and should consider buying one or both.

Delta will probably go it alone, although a link up with Northwest (for Asia)
or Continental is not improbable.
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Thu May 25, 2000 1:41 am

No, the government would NEVER alow a AA/DL merger...like ContinentalEWR said, there is way too much overlap.

However, I am VERY anxious to hear how AA reacts to the UA/US thing. AMR has quite a track record of fighting back in a fierce way when they are given a challenge...who knows what they have planned. Will they cry foul? Or will they announce a merger of their own?

Look out little guys (HP, AS, etc.)...

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Thu May 25, 2000 4:26 am

I hope it happens. With AA and DL teaming up, DFW would become an even stronger hub, as the overlap planes could serve new markets. Plus, their fleets and markets would match up nicely.

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Thu May 25, 2000 9:38 am

The best thing for Delta would be to buy Continental, or America West.
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Thu May 25, 2000 10:58 am

AAs response to all this may be the same that USAir and UA did to stop the BA/AA Alliance. i am surprised that not many people remember that ugly fight. So I dont think AA will try to one up UA but just choose to fight it on regulatory terms. If by chance they see that it isnt working they may make a move of their own. But until that happens look for AA to cry foul.