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ThomsonFly: Premium Economy On G-OBYF

Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:21 am

I recently travelled on ThomsonFly (Britannia) from LGW to PUJ and considered upgrading to Premium Economy but decided to have Seats 7G and H on their 763.

On the outbound we were on G-OBYE and saw the premium Econ seats in front of us and didn’t fork out the £180 PP per segment (value was something along those lines) as the seat pitch was only marginally better, food served quicker and portable IFE gear handed out etc.

On the return leg back to LGW we had 7 G and H again but on G-OBYF and this time it was an all econ seat layout, and at boarding many pax who booked Prem Econ were not happy with ‘normal’ seats and had to be quelled by the crew on the ground at PUJ.

It’s not our first time to PUJ on BY, G-OBYB and OBYI both had premium Econ seats, so…..

1. How come G-OBYF rows 1 to 6 are the same as economy?
2. What does the Prem Econ pax get for £180, if the seat is the same as an econ and doesn’t have the portable IFE given out like on G-OBYE?

Im due back at PUJ again in May 2006 and debating whether to have the nicer seats but I might end up with all economy G-OBYF !!!
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RE: ThomsonFly: Premium Economy On G-OBYF

Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:45 am

Doesn't sound too good for the passengers who have booked Premium.

Let me just say now that some of the below may be incorrect. If anyone feels the need to correct any of it, feel free. The reason looks to be this in my view:

Not all the Thomsonfly Boeing 767-300 fleet is fitted with a Premium Section. For example in the Summer the Aircraft as far as I am aware which featured the Premium section were G-OBYH, G-OBYI and G-OBYJ. All other Aircraft featured all Economy seating. This Winter, 5 Aircraft feature the Premium Section. Thomsonfly do have a large Winter operation, operating routes like Bournemouth > Barbados for example.

This is a quote from another member to do with Premium Config on these Aircraft:

Quoting BALboy (Reply 10):
and its just not possible to use premium configured aircraft on all routes.

Whever it was in the perspective of Long-Haul routes or All routes, I don't know.

I would think that you got G-OBYF because of some kind of problem and that was the Aircraft avaliable to operate your flight, despite not having a Premium cabin. So, If that was the case, I would think it would have been an isolated issue and the chances of it happening again would be small. That said, it could be to do with another reason entirely.

I would think your best off asking someone at Thomson or something.

The Long Haul Aircraft are getting Cabin Upgrades soon, some are already completed with leather seating (the Boeing 762s).

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