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Some Thanks To UA/OO SFO/DEN/COS Crews Tonight

Sun Dec 18, 2005 8:10 pm

What a long, long night. No fault of the airline crews who did their damnedest with some rough conditions tonight. I just wanted to toss some thanks out in case any of them are reading this forum.

I'll start with my rant for the night, since I want to end on a positive note. To the facilities people at COS—when you know a flight is coming in late, call some friggin' cabs! I and about eight other people had to wait in the 9-degree weather for an hour or more just to get cabs home! There were no cabs lined up at all! I thought my toes had fallen off, I swear.

Okay, onto the kudos.

SFO: Very friendly agent at UA boarding UA768 around 1530 or so. Thank you for the help with the Economy Plus seat. Great experience overall at SFO. The 772 used for UA786 was comfortable and clean (and in the new livery), the crews were professional and friendly, and the Captain even had the forethought to broadcast the Broncos game for us. I love Channel 9, but... the Broncos take precedence.  Silly (we won)

DEN->COS: Poor SkyWest. Your crews worked doubly hard and yet managed to persevere and still smile at the end of the night. This flight was originally scheduled to leave at 2000hrs or so. Delays abound. The original CRJ ended up getting replaced (because of maintenance problems) by an inbound Wichita flight. Alas, that plane was caught in Wichita for hours (also maintenance problems!), and by the time its crew finally got to Denver, they had gone past their work limits for the day. Another crew who had already been through a long day stepped in and through the 9-degree temperatures and blowing snow, managed to get us to COS in one piece. Bravo to both crews. As I told to a couple of them, with how some of the pax were acting in the terminal, they must have had the patience of saints not to start throwing punches.

So—to these crews I mentioned tonight, thank you. With all the chaos in Denver and Colorado Springs, this was not an easy day to fly, and you all did admirably. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Bonus: As we pulled into the gate at DEN on UA786 this afternoon, right to our left was N777UA, United's first commercial 777! Lucky break, that bird flies all over, it was nice to see it in Denver.

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