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787 Impact On 330 Options?

Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:16 am

OK, I'm a simple pax, but after reading a threads on the 787 beating the 350 in the area of new sales I'm curious to know the potential impact the 787 might have on existing 330 options.

As I understand it, airlines may have bought x number of planes with options for an addition Y number. As they are options I would assume that they are "optional" purchases for the airlines.

Do these options basically open up an opportunity for Boeing to sell the 787 in place of the optional 330 purchases? If so, what is the potential market? Are there a lot of 330 options that are at risk for Airbus?
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RE: 787 Impact On 330 Options?

Tue Dec 20, 2005 9:42 am

It depends on three things:

  • How many A330s your currently operate
  • How well the A330 works for you, currently
  • How quickly do you need the capacity

If you have just a few A330s and your traffic patterns don't call for needing more A330s until the end of this decades, then the 787 may very well be an option.

Or if you have just a few A330s, and you fly them less then 3000nm, the 787-3 might offer you better economics, so if you don't need more before the end of the decade...

All in all, however, I expect the impact on options would be pretty minimal.
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RE: 787 Impact On 330 Options?

Tue Dec 20, 2005 2:39 pm

Airlines do not only need capacity in the future but also now. Any airline that needs an aircraft capacitywise similar to the 787/A350 now, has the option of either getting second hand aircraft or ordering new A330's (I dont consider the 767-400 a realistic option  Wink ).

The more 787/A350's are getting ordered the later, for airlines that haven't ordered them yet, will they be available, once ordered.

More than 50 A330's have been ordered this year and even options have been taken aswell, a good few of them by airlines that have ordered also the A350 or 787, or that did not operate the A330 yet. Amongst them are...

China Eastern
Jet Airways

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