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Against All Rumors , SIA Does Allow Cockpit Visits

Thu May 25, 2000 9:51 pm

to all enthusiasts of SIA and fans of flight deck visits during flight

I heard and read a lot of rumors latetly on airliners.net.
See underneath the reply of the Director Public Relations Singapore Airlines USA

Dear Mr. Garcia:

Many thanks for your query. In actual fact, SIA does allow flight deck
visits during flights, but at the discretion of the captain. If you're
interested, be sure to ask to see the facility during your next flight with

Best regards,

James Boyd

At 03:43 AM 5/25/00 +0800, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Boyd:
I recently heard the rumor that SIA won't allow flight deck visits during
>flight anymore.
>Is this correct ? And if yes, is there a reason for that ?
>Thank you in advance for your soonest reply.
>Vasco Garcia

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RE: Against All Rumors , SIA Does Allow Cockpit Visits

Fri May 26, 2000 1:33 am


Thanks for that Vasco. It might well be that the particular flight another poster was on, was a training flight and perhaps the cabin crewmember had poor English.

Anyway, I'm glad about this. I was going to avoid SIA and particularly with the A3XX likely to appear in SIA livery, it's good to know they haven't gone the FAA way.