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Virgin Atlantic's Livery 1 Year Later

Thu May 25, 2000 10:28 pm

Virgin Atlantic Airways introduced a new livery one year ago. It was introduced
on Virgin 747-400 VG-BIG (Lady Penelope) and so far, I believe two more of
the carrier's 747-400's, several -200's and two or three A340's including Lady
in Red, Jetstreamer, and one more have been repainted. What do you think
of Richard Branson's Silver Dream Machines?

I recently flew on an A340-300 from JFK to Heathrow (Dragon Lady), which
had the old livery but the interior of the Economy cabin was sporting the
new look. The carpet was deep purple and the seats were purple, red, or
grey. Not bad at all.

Virgin has six 747-400's in its fleet. They are: Austin Powered (Ladybird),
Lady Penelope, Ruby Tuesday, Tinker Belle, Tubular Belle, and Virginia

RE: Virgin Atlantic's Livery 1 Year Later

Fri May 26, 2000 12:21 am

Wow it was a year ago. The first plane to be painted was not G-VBIG it was G-VFAB which is lady Penelope.
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RE: Virgin Atlantic's Livery 1 Year Later

Fri May 26, 2000 12:28 am

Heya im 15 and im from england living in hong kong.
i went on virgin a few months ago from Hong kong to london heathrow to hong kong.
I travelled on an A340-300 the same plane there and back. It was in the old colours, the name was "China Girl" and i take it that it had already been refurbished because it had the purple carpet, grey, red or purple. The ammnetie packs are really cool. I think Vuirgin Atlantic is the best airline for long distances because u have all the entertainment on board, a supernintendo in every seat!
I think their new livery is great!
It looks cool and noticable.
ne ways, ill come back in here when there are more posts.
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RE: Virgin Atlantic's Livery 1 Year Later

Fri May 26, 2000 6:46 am

I think its mostly an eyesore, but I do like the Union Jack on the winglets of the 744. I have yet to see one of their A340s in this scheme, are they doing the same thing with the A340 winglets or not?
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Fri May 26, 2000 1:59 pm

It's alot better than BA's union jack livery on their tails. I especially hate the way BA has them on their 747s becuase it looks so plain and dull when the entire tail isn't taken over by colors insteads of a very dull all white or an all grey scheme. I think that it's the best out there yet. Atleast They can let loose and not be so stiff lipped all the time like other carriers.