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Why No N T S B Report?

Sun Dec 25, 2005 3:42 pm

When ATA ran off the end of the same runway in the WN accident. The UA accident 33 years earlier, while interesting that it was to the day it occurred, really had no significance to this accident. The TZ incident is very similar, just not as serious.

Seems if more emphasis would have been put on the TZ incident, maybe the WN accident would not have happened? The video has been in another post on here, but is pretty cool.

The main thing I question in this thread is why it is not listed in the NTSB's web site? I have looked through several news articles and found nothing mentioning the TZ incident, same runway. The 757-300 ran the nose through the blast fence. I saw the plane in the hanger 3 days later and everything was fixed except the re-skinning of the area. The plane had to be ferried to IND for that to be done.

When a 757-300 hit a fence with the wing, it is in the NTSB database.