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How Much Do Aircraft Cost To Run?

Sun Dec 25, 2005 7:31 pm


Sorry for the generic title...

I've written my own online airline simulator, Clear Skies, and that's been running for a while and work well. However, I'm thinking about overhauling it from scratch - and adding much more realism.

Currently the only aircraft costs considered are:

- cost per hour. Guessed, to make it playable (a la Airline Empires)
- fuel (guessed)
- meals (guessed as well)
- landing / takeoff fees (guessed)

as you can see a lot is guessed - most of it was just number balancing.

I was wondering if anybody has worked in the field / has experience with actualy airline operations, and what sort of costs are involved, and of what magnitude? I've found a very good document from ICAO which details costs for running aircraft - as fuel comsumption per block hour then "additional costs". I was wondering if anybody had any more information - or links - which could help?

I'm interested in:

- Meals. How much each? Do airlines carry a lot extra?
- Parking
- Take off / landing fees
- Any airport fees?
- What are profits margins like? Hundreds? Thousands? (at the moment CS is a bit innaurate - my LHR-LAX makes £600,000 a day!)
- Are there any other obscure costs which impact a lot?

Thanks in advance. Hopefully if I get enough variables in then I could make the game very, very realistic indeed.